Sunday, November 23, 2008

Home Inspection

Home Inspection: Sunday, Nov 23, 2008
Yesterday morning was our home inspection--the inspector was very nice and I was able to ask my "silly" questions without him getting irritated. He e-mailed us a 72 page report with all the little problem (including a picture of each of them).

Good News:

  • There was no major issues in the foundation, structure, or "bones" of the house.
  • The walls are stable and appear to have no water damage.
  • The windows (which are newer) are installed correctly.
  • The HVAC unit (air and heat) are newer and installed correctly (even though they didn't appear to be permitted).
  • The roof is 2-3 years old and was properly installed (no permit).
Okay News:
  • The only plumbing issue is where the old, original plumbing is connected to the new (1977) plumbing of the addition and for the drain of the master shower (which is coming out anyway). The linking part is $10 and Dave has the skills. The shower will be replaced and the entire drain system updated when that is done.
  • The inside of the fire place has a crack in the morter between the bricks. This could be very superficial, but isn't major. We will have a chimney sweep come and clean and inspect the fireplace before we use it. Dave wants to install a pellet stove eventually. If we don't want to use the fireplace we have no issue.
  • The air conditioning unit is dirty and could need a very through cleaning to remove the dirt in the entire system. We'll change the filter, clean the air intake and vents and if we need to get a HVAC specialists out to look at it.

Not Good (aka EXPENSIVE) News:

  • Unexpected: The pool may need MAJOR work and be structurally unsound because it has been sitting empty for two years. I have called four different pool companies to have them come out this week for a full inspection.
  • Expected: The electric system in the house needs to be updated and replaced. This week we will be getting estimates from a few companies in order to get an accurate estimate if this is worth it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Another house, another bid

Another house, another bid, a house?: Wednesday, Nov 5, 2008

We put a bid in on this house. It is a repo, owned by the bank. We should hear about this house relatively quickly (within three days). We do know that there were two other offers put in this morning, so it could be likely that we will not get it. Dave and I offered more than asking price so we'll wait and see :)