Sunday, August 29, 2010


Like a pimply teenagers. I have five or six big zits with more appearing daily. My stomach is changing a bit, mainly just firming up under the extra skin but you can't tell by looking at me.

Nauseous. Nauseous all the time. In the morning when I wake up, after I eat breakfast, and at night after dinner are the worst times. The middle of the day has been pretty "normal" but that may have to do with the fact that last week was the first week of school and I was incredibly busy. I have thrown up several times in the evening... usually directly after I eat. I'm also exhausted contstantly; however, this could have more to do with the first week of school than with being pregnant.

nothing. I don't particularly want to eat.

  • this part of pregnancy sucks. Feeling nauseous without being able to throw up is worse than actually throwing up.
  • baby names are coming even though Dave keeps vetoing them
  • sleep is good.


that God protects this baby as he/she grows healthy and at our next appointment we'll see a happy moving baby. Selfishly, I'd really like the morning/all day sickness to ease itself quickly.


next appointment is at 10w5d

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1st Doctor's Appointment

Our first doctor's appointment was today. I was originally marked as 9 weeks, 0 days for today, but that was quickly changed to 6 weeks, 6 days.
The doctor was pretty funny, made several comments about my preparedness (I had my temp charts with me) and called Dave the culprit.
We were able to see the heart beating and were able to hear it!
He said the baby's back was to us (how in the world can he see that?!?) and set me tentatively for a due date of April 6th, but wants me to come back in 2-3 weeks for another ultrasound to get a more accurate due date. Because of his busy schedule and not wanting to call a sub, I will actually not be there until September 13th (four weeks).

Cruise, Day 6 and 7 (@sea)

With two days at sea, we'd home to do a lot of pool sitting, but it was pretty cold. Day six started slowly with time at the pool with our books.
The adult only pool was wonderful :)
Our next formal night was that evening
I ate too much...
Our group looking pretty
Dave ordered two entrees (which he did at every meal)--New York Strip and Lobster!!
We came back to our room with a hanging monkey!
Day Seven was FREEZING outside so after sitting at the pool for an hour and giving up getting a tan, we went inside to play Settlers of Catan again :)
Our last dinner
We celebrated June's birthday :)
With our table staff--the funny Kiesha and the quiet Noel
Day 8 and getting off the boat
Dave had his mouth full with his last all you can eat food meal...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cruise, Day 5 (Puerto Vallarta)

Day five was our fourth anniversary. We were in Puerto Vallarta just like our honeymoon! We got off the boat early for a "Mexican Fiesta" tour.

We stopped the air conditioned van several times to "shop." Dad with the Senior Frog froggies. In boardwalk in downtown PV
Dad, Dave, me, and Steven in front of the famous PV statue
(which mom didn't seem to get a picture of)
A stop at a candy store
The best part of the Mexican Fiesta tour for the boys was the tequila factory (Dona Engracia Tequila)--Steven and Dave tasted six types of tequila!

After tequila tasting, we were entertained with Mexican dancers, a tequila drinking competition, tortilla making competition, a laso guy, and a dancing horse.
It was HOT!
After the tour, we walked across the street to Walmart :)
We celebrated our anniversary at dinner with everyone :)
and three different types of desserts...
and a poster on our door

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cruise, Day 4 (Mazalan)

After doing a bit of research about the "issues" in Mexico with American tourists, I decided that I did not want to get off the boat in Mazalan because of the many, many incidents there. Instead, we have a relaxing day on board.

After sitting at the pool for an hour or so, we played Settlers of Catan in the game room. This is about the only look we got of the port.
more cute towel animals

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruise, Day 3 (Cabo San Lucas)

Pulling into port at Cabo San Lucas was beautiful. After breakfast in the Windjammer (buffet), we went to the pool deck and took in the beauty.
We decided to get off the boat for awhile to just walk around the close shopping area. The port is a teather, instead of "port" so we took little boats from the ship to the smaller dock--it was the first time we saw the ship without a huge dock next to it.
We added the Cabo Hard Rock to our list--virgin pina colada and ice cream shake!
It was pretty hot, and we walked a long way so when I saw Francisco and his bike taxi I really, really wanted to ride it back to the dock. I begged Dave and he said yes :) Dave felt lazy, but I loved every second of it. For $6 we rode the mile or so back to the little boats!
June, Rick, and Steven were at dock when we got there so we road back to the ship together.

Dinner :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Throwing Up

Um, so my morning sicknessness is actually evening sickness... for the past three nights I've thrown up around 10.


Cruise, Day 2 (@Sea)

With plenty of time and not much to do, we decided to eat a full breakfast in the dining room, which was pretty fun. Mom and I in the fancy chairs in front of the room.
I've never played Bingo, so I begged and everyone joined freely. No one one, but mom did get to be a "stander" (one away from winning).
The second night was the first formal night, but mom also wanted to watch the ice skating show. We got dressed early and headed to see the "Ice Under the Big Top" show.
Mom and June loved it...
I was a bit bored and counting the moments until it was over...
Our group at dinner
Mom and Dad celebrated their 30th anniversary this night (Aug. 16th is the official date).
When we got back to our room, we have cute towel animals.
Mom and Dad's anniversary card
After dinner we changed our clothes and watching another show for Mom.