Thursday, October 25, 2012

Disneyland Trip x3

 Our third, and final, Disneyland trip of our summer pass was September 30th.  We got up and left the house bright and early so that Melissa and Dave could be "first" in line to ride the new Cars Land Radiator Racers.  Even though we were in California Adventure by 8:15, they still had to wait in almost an hour line. 
While they did that, Andrew and I went back to Bug's Land and rode all the kid rides again.  As a 'veteran' of the rides, Andrew seemed to enjoy himself a bit more.
 The spinning ladybugs
 We walked back through Cars Land and Andrew saw Lightening McQueen taking pictures with kids.  He would not let me take him over to the front, but enjoyed watching/pointing at him from a distance.  After 15 minutes, I forced him to move on (full temper tantrum ensued).
We walked over to the board walk and enjoyed watching people.  I figured the ferris wheel would be a 'fun' adventure, so we hopped on board the stationary cab for a spin up above California Adventure.  Andrew loved looking out and pointing, but didn't appreciate having to sit too much.  I tried everything in my power to convince him sitting was fun for the sake the of two other people they put into the cab with us (seriously cast member, no big deal for me, but that wasn't really fair for the other two people who had to listen to an 18 month old whine).
 On the second loop around where you don't stop at all, Andrew calming sat and talked out the window at least.  He cried when we got off so I guess it was a hit.
 Aunt Melissa and Daddy were finally done so they joined us on the boardwalk.
 We rode the parasol--Andrew enjoyed it more than anything else!

My big boy held on the entire time all by himself!
 We met the new Disney bear on our way off the boardwalk (there was no line). 
Andrew didn't particularly want to be touched, but was intrigued.
 By this time it was incredibly hot and starting to be super busy.  We headed to Disneyland to ride the train (something I've walked to do each time, but we are always ready to go home and skip it).  We rode it all the way around the park and Andrew enjoyed seeing the different things and the choo choo.

After the train ride we all debated whether we should go now or play some more, but this tired face convinced us that we should leave then. 
So long Disneyland, see you in a year or two in the middle of the winter when only the Japanese tourists and die-hard passholders are there and it is a mild 70 degrees.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Andrew @ School

 He LOVES school just like his mommy!
When I come to pick him up he is usually outside (they play from 4-4:30ish) and I often find myself sitting in the car (hiding) so that I can watch him in his natural habitat.  He is so full of joy and movement.  He often is pushing or riding on one of the moving toys or playing with the toys in the sandless sand box, but he's always smiling.  When watching him, I feel confident that he is at the right place and he feels safe and secure with his class and teachers.
When he sees me, he runs over and points at me with a HUGE grin on his face.  Most of the time, he gives me a crashing hug and runs off to continue playing or to 'show' me something cool.  I'm not allowed to leave his presence, but he's content to keep playing.
 Miss Simone is his favorite teacher (she followed him from the baby room) and he is clearly attached to her more than anyone else.  I tease her that she'll need to follow him to the two year old class in April too.
I love walking into their room--there is always a new sensory craft they've made (they come home eventually too)--right now the room is decorated with their flying feather bats, sequined magic hats, and ghostly (feet) prints!
Andrew attends The Growing Place in Riverside.
If you're looking for an amazing place for your child, this is it!
And no, I'm not getting anything for saying that.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Live Oak Pumpkin Patch

My parents asked what I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday and I picked the pumpkin patch.  Last year we went to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch and I was very impressed with everything about it (despite the crazy heat and over crowing) and couldn't wait to bring Andrew back this year because I knew he'd be so 'into' the activities.  He did not disappoint and clearly loved every part of it.
We planned to get there when it opened at 9 am to avoid the heat (which never came thanks to a significantly cooler weekend) and the crowds.  We started at the "photo stations."  Andrew thought these little holes where hilarious and giggled constantly as he peeked out at the rest of us.

 I realized after leaving for the pumpkin patch that I accidentally had the same shirt on from last year, but it is AMAZING to me how much Andrew has changed.  He looks like a kid (like he skipped from baby to kid, leaving toddler totally behind!).
A little flashback for you
 Our little man didn't disappoint with the facial expressions either!
 Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed Andrew too.
 Aunt Melissa and Mommy too
 After taking a ton of pictures and exploring some of the pre-cut pumpkins, we rode the tractor pull around the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  We all shared some cotton candy on the ride and Andrew loved playing with Grandpa's hat. 

 The petting zoo was our next stop.  Andrew loved the birds and bunnies, but the real fun came with the goats.  He was less than sure about them, but he still offered his hand for them to eat the food.  He timidly held his hand out and as they nibbled, he stared.  As soon as the food was gone, the huge laugh and smiled followed.
 We moved into another area of the pin and the baby goats were pretty aggressive.  If you look at the pictures below if it pretty obvious that Andrew wasn't happy with them.  He alternated between simply squawking at them and yelling NO as they got close.

 We went from two (above) to five (below) and the dirty looks started.

 Andrew liked these baby goats--they were his size and didn't try to eat his hand.
 After the petting zoo, we paid $1 to have the monkey grab Andrew's hand.  As you can tell, he wasn't too pleased. 
 Grandma and Grandpa with Smokey the Bear (a childhood favorite of mine).
We ended the day with several climbs up and down the hay castle!
Overall, it was a great time had by all and thanks to the online coupons we only spent $6 for the 6 of us to play for 3 hours ($2 for admission for Jennifer, $4 for cotton candy).

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oak Glen Revisited

Because they are so cute--here are more pictures of our Oak Glen apple picking trip!