Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Recap 5: Bennett Christmas

 December 26
We hung out at home, visited Desiree and Audrey, went to Target, and got ready to go to Grandma Bennett's house in Arroyo Grande.  When Melissa got off work at 7:30 pm, she came straight here and we loaded everyone (including the dog) into the car and took off.  Dave drove, Andrew and I slept, and Melissa was supposed to be the co-pilot (but she slept too).
 December 27
After breakfast at the hotel, we headed over the Great Grandma Bennett's.  Her village greeted us, along with a beautifully decorated house (all which was a bit stressful with Andrew, but he didn't much better than expected).
 While Dave and Dad installed lights for Grandma in the garage, Andrew and I prepared cherry crunch for dessert and green been casserole (first for everything).  After awhile later, the rest of the family arrived--Andrew and Abby found the stairs and each other pretty quickly!

 Baby Bennett (Hughes) smiled along with all the noise and people.
 Dave and Dad installed four lights
(seriously the garage is brighter than any other part of her house).
 We enjoyed lunch of ham, baked potatoes, green bean casserole, and salad in the garage.  After lunch, we moved to the living room and opened presents.
 Andrew was pretty into presents again--mainly he enjoyed giving them to people and throwing trash away for others.  The picture above was pretty funny--he was yelling 'dataa' over and over again at the bag!

 Great Grandma Bennett gave Andrew a fireman's hat! 
Grandma ended present opening with a sad announcement that this was her last huge Christmas year, the last of our cans, the last of her tree, the last of her Hallmark ornament tradition.  We all shared tears, but understood.  It was pretty evident that Grandma was overwhelmed and her eyesight was worse than even last summer. 

 Andrew and Abby provided some comic relief from the sadness.
They were pretty adorable playing together!

Grandma and her great grand kids
Grant+Abby, Sandy+Bennett, Great Grandma, Carolyn+Baby Girl, Jennifer+Andrew

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Recap 4: Christmas Morning

After Andrew was nestled into his bed dreaming of sugar plums, Santa came to the Pfeffer house.  He left a few things in each of our stockings, helped Mommy bring the presents out of hiding, and left Andrew two presents--his very own kitchen and a book! 
We'll be participating in 'A Book on Every Bed' as a new family tradition (check it out here).
Andrew woke up at 6:45, but we promised the Grandparents we wouldn't start until they got there.  Instead we opened and read our book from Santa (Tacky Christmas) and opened the presents from Christmas eve that he wasn't awake to open.
Christmas morning excitement!
 Andrew's book from Santa!

 Opening Phyllis' present--a magnadoodle!  He was instantly engaged!
 We also opened a Barnyard book collection from Erika, a choo-choo book from Tracie, and a book and stuffed animal from Beverly (our neighbor).
When Grandma and Grandpa were here, the video camera was set-up, and everyone was in place ready to go, I walked Andrew around the corner into the dining room so he could see what Santa brought for the good boy!
Has face showed pretty intense concentration, but you could tell he was excited as he walked on his tip toes over to the kitchen and started playing with the facet and opening/closing the doors.

 He played and played as Grandma set up the rest of the presents that they brought with them!

 The Pfeffer's (and Andrew's whisk)
 Us with our stockings

 Andrew enjoyed helping pass out the presents and moving back and forth from his kitchen to our presents.
 These Melissa and Doug cookies were a hit--he especially liked that he could put on the mitt and "cut" them with the knife.  They are pretty nifty with Velcro that keeps them all together.

 helping Grandma open presents
 Aunt Melissa's coffee mug from Andrew
 Andrew's doctors kit from Grandma

 We paused half-way through opening presents to eat Breakfast.  Grandma made us all pancakes.

 Andrew played with the powdered sugar and loved the yummy pancake and bananas!
Back to opening presents--Andrew opened his fruit basket to add to his kitchen.
 "ap-pal" and "banana" seemed so real he wanted to eat it

 carrots, potatoes, and other veggies were exciting too!

 It was a Brighton Christmas for all the girls in the family!
 Loving Aunt Melissa!

 love the yearbook nerdiness of this shirt (from Dave)--do you get it?!? 
 Dave got me a new digital camera as a surprise!
 The two 'big' boxes came out next!  Andrew climbed right on top of it!

 We thought that he understood what it was by his smile, but then,
he just climbed right up on top of it!

 "Oh, it is more than just a box!"
 The second big box was fun to climb onto, but he really was into this picture!
 No assembly required--Andrew just sat and drove the truck body for a good hour!  There was no taking it away either; I literally had to peal him out of it for nap time!
 After a family nap time (this time we were all successful, including the adults!), Andrew could play with him assembled truck, which he thought was even better!
 Reese even fits in the trunk!
Grandpa made us all tacos for lunch/dinner!
We spend the rest of the day relaxing and playing with Andrew's toys--we never got out of our PJs!