Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Recap 3: Christmas Eve at Church

 After visiting with our grandparents, we headed to Faith Fellowship for the Christmas Eve service. Celebrating that Jesus' birthday is an excellent way to finish the day!  Steve and the choir helped us make beautiful music.
 Andrew sat, walked, climbed, colored, ate/spilled goldfish, sang, and moved for the entire 52 minute service, but did not make any noise.  At one point, I tried to take something away and he didn't like it, so he got 1/2 inch away from my face and said 'MINE' clearly and very quietly.  The defiance was clear, but the mode of action was so darn funny.  I have my hands full already...
 Grandpa preached a short message about 'touching heaven' and Andrew was pretty excited that Grandpa was up on stage.
 We tried to take a family photo afterwards, but Andrew just wasn't having it.
 Melissa and I took one instead.
 running up and down the stairs was much more fun! 
After church, we headed to Marie Calendars for dinner.  Surprisingly it wasn't packed, but it did take awhile to eat.  By the time we left it was already 8 pm and Andrew was exhausted, cranky, and over ready to sleep.  Thankfully he slept the entire way home and didn't even wake up when I changed him into his Christmas PJs for bed.  No Christmas eve traditions for us at home this year, but it gave Santa extra time to come and get stuff done!

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