Friday, December 28, 2012

Prepping for Christmas

 As Christmas neared, we started celebrating with friends.  First up on December 22, dinner and presents with Desiree and Audrey!  Andrew and Audrey had a great time rough housing, chasing each other, and Andrew sort of understood the Christmas present thing :)

 After Andrew went to bed, Santa Dave started building Andrew's kitchen.  The wooden kitchen came in probably 75 individual pieces (not counting all the screws, bolts, etc) with picture instructions (vs. words).  Dave, the master, set all the pieces out and started from step one.  Melissa and I supervised! 

 Two hours and ten minutes later, Andrew's "stainless steel' kitchen was assembled (and hidden in the master bath for Christmas morning).  The reviews online said it would take four hours to assemble, so Dave is pretty proud of himself!
Christmas Eve-Eve was a relaxing day at church and home.
Sunday morning, we got up and ready for church--these pictures were just too cute NOT to share.

Andrew played with his choo-choo sticky (he loves this thing).
After church, a nap, and a visit from Tawni, Andrew helped Mommy and Daddy make salt dough ornaments.  He LOVES standing on the chair at the counter, adding ingredients to the bowl, and mixing (other than the flour on his face at one point).

 He did pick up a little bit at this point and put it in his mouth--he quickly spit it out and said, 'yuck!'
Final product coming soon (well, after five hours in the oven at 200 degrees).

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