Sunday, April 27, 2014

Andrew's sayings

Such a day of opposites:
This morning on the way to work: "mommy, I wish I was a girl so that I could be as pretty as you."

This afternoon: "I am a big, mean boy and I am going to ram you."

After nap: "all I want to do is have cuddles with you all day long because I love you so much."

Tonight at bedtime: "I don't want to say 'I love you' because I mean to you now. You won't lay with me to read more books."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Three Years Old!

Three, going on sixteen.  My tiny baby is three!  I re-read his two year old post where I hoped that he would still want to cuddle and hug--boy, does he like to cuddle!  He actually specifically says, "Mommy, I want to cuddle" and it melts my heart.  He is a bundle of never-ending energy ninety-nine percent of the time.  His sass is extreme and his bossiness rivals his momma's.

A flash to the past with a regular update!

Developmental Milestones for this Year:
  • Physical/Gross Motor: Running, jump, skipping, climbing, he does it all. One of his newer favorite things is to sit "apple-sauce" style.  He gallops, balances, hops on one foot, catches large balls and kicks pretty much anything.  He is very into sports--football and basketball.  He goes about 50 mph at all times.
  • Teeth: His two year old molars finally made a presence in July (27 months) and we're good with no more on the horizon.  He enjoys brushing his teeth and has learned to swoosh/spit so he gets "real" kid tooth paste.
  • Cognitive/Language: I'm biased, but Andrew is pretty much the smartest kid on the planet.  He remembers everything and can tell where we are going/what will happen there simply by the surroundings, he knows which streets lead to mommy's work, his school, the mall, etc.  He is able to follow unrelated commands (when he feels like listening).  His favorite academic skill is matching, but also loves to point out anything that he notices.  He also loves singing the ABCs and puzzles are a great challenge (he does 25 piece puzzles by himself). 
  • Vocabulary: Talk about a Language EXPLOSION.  Seriously, there isn't much this kid can't say that this point and when he's comfortable, he never stops talking and asking questions. Most of the time he talks in sentences and is very good at asking and answering questions.  He has learned to count and can get up to 20 without messing up. He sings many songs and acts them out after learning the motions from school.  He messes up his pronouns most of the time (them are sad, her is the sister, etc). He goes through phases when he throws in new, huge words.  A few of my favorites...
    • "Mommy, please stop talking, I have a story to tell you."
    • "Apparently, I'm hungry."
    • "Jesus loves Mommy, Daddy, Andrew, Papa, Grandma, Auntie, Grandma Kay, Papa Kay, Reese, Michael, JJ, my teachers, Mickey Mouse [insert whoever he can thinking of for 20 minutes]."
    • "I love you to pluto and back."
    • "Them are my best buddies."
  • Potty training: We are completely diaper free during the day and have kept the night-time pull-up.  He wakes up dry once a week and mommy isn't willing to do it all the way.
  • Psychosocial: He continues to be a social butterfly struggling with aggression.  He LOVES school and his teachers report that he is a huge helper.  Playing with people is the only way he wants to play; he struggles with independent play (I guess being with 22 two-years olds all day would do that to do).  He understands sharing and will almost always share upon request.  At home, he enjoys making mommy and daddy happy.  He actually acts shy when he is in a large group of people he doesn't know for about a minute (tries to fool you!), but doesn't seem to have many fears.
  • Personality: Andrew, like most three year olds, likes his stuff, his way.  If he doesn't get his way, he makes it know with his words and his actions (loud and bossy actions).  He can be very silly, making silly faces and sounds, even calling himself silly.  He's taken to saying, "sad David" when something doesn't go his way and we had to teach him to say "shoot" after he said "damnit" on Valentine's Day.  When he doesn't know something, or is confused, he shrugs his shoulders and turns his hands up.
Physical Growth:  At his last appointment for his asthma, he was 36 inches tall and 31 pounds.  He has had a relatively healthy year now that we have the medication for his asthma figured out.
Sleeping: Andrew has decided that sleep is for the birds!  We are battling bedtime, nap time, and morning early waking.  He'd rather be with us.  He usually goes to bed about 8 and wakes up anytime between 3:3-7 to climb into our bed to sleep for a few more hours.
Eating: He eats more than mommy for almost everything.  He will finally try "regular" chicken that isn't ground and in the shape of a nugget.
Diapers: Only for nighttime (size 4)
Clothing: We have worn 2T for the past six months or so and will probably be in them throughout this summer.  His foot has grown two sizes this year to an 8.
Favorite Toys: He jumps from thing to thing, but his go-tos are his Cars toys (Mator, Lightening, Airplane), camera, books, and puzzles.  He cooks a mean wooden pizza, kicks a great field goal, colors like a maniac, and reads and reads.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Welcome to 2014

We rang in the new year with the Websters in a low key evening filled with yummy food, fun games, and laughter.
Andrew made it all the way to midnight (the only kiddo that did) and we kisses with the dropping ball.
January 1st we went to the movies and saw Frozen. Andrew really enjoyed it and talked about the two girls, boy, and reindeer quite a bit. 

Daddy didn't feel good after nap, so we got back into our PJs where we have been for the last day and a half. Daddy's 'sick' turned in the stomach flu (welcome 2014).
Andrew and I have played many games, had races with Mater and McQueen, built a castle, and ate pink ice cream.
We also spent a bit of time in the bathroom. Andrew does not want me in the room at all--no idea how that is going to work.

Tomorrow, Andrew and Daddy (hopefully he is well) go back to work. Mommy has a list a mile long and is praying that the stomach flu doesn't get her.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Making Cookies

Blogging has gone to the wind in the new busyness in our life. Thankfully for the handy iPhone and its fantastic camera, documenting life has still happened. 

Yesterday, despite feeling sick, we made cookies. During Andrew's nap, Dave and I cranked out butter cookies and sugar cookie dough. As he woke up, we made the gingerbread dough to sit in the frig. Daddy showed Andrew how to lick the beaters.
Andrew seemed to know exactly how to make sugar cookies (even if he didn't want to wait for mommy to finish rolling out the dough).
His favorite part was decorating with sprinkles. He loved paying attention to 'details' for the most part.
Mommy stopped paying attention for just a second and the tree above resulted from that. Andrew also really wanted to add eyes to many cookies with the red hots.
Happy cookie eating!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July From iPhone

I have so many cute photos from 4th of July that I have to share. I've banned myself from the laptop tonight (leads to working, staying up too late, and sleeping poorly because of stess) so you get an iPhone post again!
We started the morning with grandma and papa coming over and bring presents (Donald Duck and stickers for Andrew and trellis for mama).
We were pretty much immediately in the pool. Andrew was a happy camper with his toys on the step.
Dad assembled the trellis while Dave worked on the pool fence (and they helped each other too).
After lunch at Islands, we all went swimming together while Andrew slept.
After nap, we got in again (see the trend?!?).
And he got in again...
After showers, we headed over to the Key' for their annual 4th of July party.
We missed the Websters!
Andrew enjoyed playing the the kids and being a monkey on their beds.  Elijah and Andrew got each other pretty wet (but oh so cute).
Rachel made yummy home made Popsicles that the kids and adults enjoyed.
We played with sparklers (Andrew wasn't too into it this year).
At 9, we enjoyed the Mt. Rubidoux fireworks. The show actually went off without a wind delay, fire, or any other issue. Andrew was exhausted and sat curled up on my lap the whole time. He enjoyed them in a very low key fashion. There were small 'boom' and 'oohs' in almost a whisper so I knew he was watching :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

School is out for the summer!!

I already feel more relaxed and calm!  Although I'll technically be working all next week, the kids are gone and that makes everything so much easier.  I can actually get my stuff done for 8 hours instead of juggling teaching and the eight hours of administrative work that needs to be done.

I know that I've totally neglected the blog and if you're not a Instagram or Facebook friend you've seen nothing for months.  I promise to get you up to date with all the pictures I've been taking!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Life as we know it via Mommy's new iPhone.

Mommy has had her phone for 25 days and has already taken over 500 photos. Here are some of my favorites.
Andrew now wakes up instantly hungry.
Pretend City with grandma
Lego train, his favorite things together
Lincoln logs with daddy
Painting for Mother's Day 
Swimming with papa on Mother's Day 
Lunch with auntie
Nightly snuggles as a family
Potty training is working

Monday, April 15, 2013

Sea World

As part of Andrew's on-going birthday celebration and thanks to Sea World's generous teacher's thank you (a free year FunPass!) we visited Shamu and his friends.

 We planned our visit pretty well around the times of the shows. 
We got there about 11 am and went straight to the Shamu show; even before the show started, he could see the killer whales in the warm-up with there trainers and the pointing started.  Like when we visited the LA Zoo and Safari Park last summer, he was immediately involved with the action.

 After the show, we watched the whales play with their trainers in the back part of the show. 
Andrew did not want to leave the whales!
 After finally getting the stroller back, we headed to the dolphin show.
 At this point the sun came out and it was HOT and Andrew was hungry, but he was still pretty into it.  He enjoyed the flying/diving people too.

 We ate lunch and attempted to get Andrew to nap by walking around for a full hour (no luck).  We watched the otters, saw a few other animals and Travis joined us.
 It was a bit too cold to play in the water in Elmo's area, but we did have fun meeting Elmo.

 Andrew didn't like the pink guy.
 Dave, Travis, and Andrew decided to climb up the rope course. Andrew loved it, but it was hard work for the boys!
 Our last show of the day was the Pet Rescue show, which was mommy and Andrew's favorite.  He loved pointing out the doggies, kitties, pig, ducks, and oohh over their silly tricks.
The last thing Andrew saw before crashing was the giant sharks in the tunnel.
Andrew finally fell asleep on Dave's shoulder (at 5 pm) and we visited the penguins and baby belugas when he slept in the stroller. 
Overall it was a fantastic day and I can't wait to go back (which we get to as many days as we want until 2014!)