Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July From iPhone

I have so many cute photos from 4th of July that I have to share. I've banned myself from the laptop tonight (leads to working, staying up too late, and sleeping poorly because of stess) so you get an iPhone post again!
We started the morning with grandma and papa coming over and bring presents (Donald Duck and stickers for Andrew and trellis for mama).
We were pretty much immediately in the pool. Andrew was a happy camper with his toys on the step.
Dad assembled the trellis while Dave worked on the pool fence (and they helped each other too).
After lunch at Islands, we all went swimming together while Andrew slept.
After nap, we got in again (see the trend?!?).
And he got in again...
After showers, we headed over to the Key' for their annual 4th of July party.
We missed the Websters!
Andrew enjoyed playing the the kids and being a monkey on their beds.  Elijah and Andrew got each other pretty wet (but oh so cute).
Rachel made yummy home made Popsicles that the kids and adults enjoyed.
We played with sparklers (Andrew wasn't too into it this year).
At 9, we enjoyed the Mt. Rubidoux fireworks. The show actually went off without a wind delay, fire, or any other issue. Andrew was exhausted and sat curled up on my lap the whole time. He enjoyed them in a very low key fashion. There were small 'boom' and 'oohs' in almost a whisper so I knew he was watching :)

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  1. Hi Jennifer - Let Freedom Ring! Great photos of the 4th. The pool is definitely a wonderful thing to enjoy :) I have missed these posts...
    Love Grandma