Monday, April 15, 2013

Sea World

As part of Andrew's on-going birthday celebration and thanks to Sea World's generous teacher's thank you (a free year FunPass!) we visited Shamu and his friends.

 We planned our visit pretty well around the times of the shows. 
We got there about 11 am and went straight to the Shamu show; even before the show started, he could see the killer whales in the warm-up with there trainers and the pointing started.  Like when we visited the LA Zoo and Safari Park last summer, he was immediately involved with the action.

 After the show, we watched the whales play with their trainers in the back part of the show. 
Andrew did not want to leave the whales!
 After finally getting the stroller back, we headed to the dolphin show.
 At this point the sun came out and it was HOT and Andrew was hungry, but he was still pretty into it.  He enjoyed the flying/diving people too.

 We ate lunch and attempted to get Andrew to nap by walking around for a full hour (no luck).  We watched the otters, saw a few other animals and Travis joined us.
 It was a bit too cold to play in the water in Elmo's area, but we did have fun meeting Elmo.

 Andrew didn't like the pink guy.
 Dave, Travis, and Andrew decided to climb up the rope course. Andrew loved it, but it was hard work for the boys!
 Our last show of the day was the Pet Rescue show, which was mommy and Andrew's favorite.  He loved pointing out the doggies, kitties, pig, ducks, and oohh over their silly tricks.
The last thing Andrew saw before crashing was the giant sharks in the tunnel.
Andrew finally fell asleep on Dave's shoulder (at 5 pm) and we visited the penguins and baby belugas when he slept in the stroller. 
Overall it was a fantastic day and I can't wait to go back (which we get to as many days as we want until 2014!)


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Recap

 Andrew woke up to his Easter basket filled with goodies.  He proudly took one thing out at a time and showed it to us and played a little bit before moving onto the next item.
 fruit snacks!
 wearing his tool belt and trying to open a egg
 After getting ready for church, we hunted eggs in our backyard.  We learned from the day before and the eggs were stuffed with stickers, goldfish, and small animal pictures; he ate goldfish the entire time.

We headed to La Palma for church with Grandpa and Grandma at Faith Fellowship.  Andrew was very excited to see Grandpa before the service.

 Traditional photos after church
Andrew's flashbacks available: 2011 and 2012

After church, we headed to Grandma's house for more Easter celebrations, lunch/dinner, and more spoiling of Andrew.
 Easter basket for Andrew from Auntie

 Easter basket from Grandma

 Easter Egg hunt! 
Grandpa and Grandma stocked his eggs with fruit snacks, fruit leather, and gold fish!  Andrew also helped find mommy, daddy, and Auntie's eggs! 

 Great Grandma Dee came for dinner and our egg hunt!

 Blowing bubbles with Aunt Melissa!

 Early birthday presents from Grandma!
Play clothes that Andrew put all on at the same time
(see that puffiness?  Yeah, that is 7 shirts and 4 pairs of pants).