Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Class of 2000 Reunion

Dave celebrated his 10 year high school reunion this past weekend. We dressed up and headed to downtown San Diego to meet up with people we/he hasn't seen in ten years.

I enjoyed chatting with a few fellow Class of 2001 classmates and tried not to be too snarky (age isn't kind to all people). As the evening went on and more people drank, it was super fun to watch drunk people do stupid things like fall on their face/butt in slutty cocktail dressed... I think the best part of the evening was my new (size 12!) dress!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Ivy

Robyn is getting ready to have a baby girl! With just a few weeks left, we celebrated Robyn and Ivy Mae!
Girls are so much fun to shop for because they have ADORABLE little dresses like this :)
So much fun!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thanks Des!

2010-MA Education Administration
We're done! Thanks for being my master's degree partner in crime!
2009-MA Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weight Watchers Walk-it Challenge

This morning at 9 am over two hundred Weight Watcher members met at Fairmont Park for our "unorganized and unofficial" 5K. For the past several weeks, the "Momentum Walk-it Challenge" has been a topic and a push from the entire organization.
Across the world, WW members walked today! The 5:30 pm Wednesday night group is a bit rowdy, but wonderful. We decided to wear pink! This is about 1/3 of our group before starting the 5K.
Wendy's goal was to finish strong and she did it! I've loved getting to know her over the past few months as she's kicked some weight loss butt!

I walked the first 5K with Wendy and her husband Jay.
Jeanie is another member who makes me laugh throughout the entire meeting each week.
I get to be their "kid" and I love every minute of it :)
Donna is our meeting leader and the best one there is in the organization. Her meetings are packed each week (we have 65 members in ONE meeting) because she is amazing.
This picture is after the first 5K.
A few more people joined us at 11 for the second 5K; a few of us decided to do it again!
This is the 11 am 5K group.Riverside is hot. Especially after walking 6.2 miles. I was hot, thus the face.
The second 5K I walked my normal speed and it took 47 minutes.
I know a 15 minute mile is nothing to brag about, but I am proud of myself. Reese was tired. She walked all 6.2 miles of it too.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Massive Work Accomplished--Master Bath Update, VIII

When the drywall was officially declared "DONE" by Dave, we started the taping off process to texture the walls and paint. Sunday, after church at Faith Fellowship in La Palma (Dad's first official day), we started!

As Dave learned in other rooms, texturing without protecting the ceiling and floor is a bad idea. After using a $2.15 roll of paper to protect our hard work, we had to figure out how to block off the part between the addition and bedroom.

Reese wanted to be our constant compainion, but kept getting in the way. She didn't really like the top of the ladder though.

Dave mixed the texture to the right consistancy (pancake batter according to Dave).

Reese just wanted to sleep in my hands (notice the drowsy look on her face) and she didn't really like the fact that I wasn't sitting. I needed one of those baby biorn things to carry her around in.

With the help of the air compressor and Dave's Harbor Freight texture gun, the texture in the addition was done in less than 20 minutes.

Our house has all plaster ceilings and because we're cheap (plastering is beyond Dave's expertise and hiring someone to do it is REALLY extensive), we were not able to have a "plaster" ceiling in the addition. We have drywall, smooth drywall. The problem lies in Dave's need for perfection--plaster and drywall will not match naturally, this began our need to texture to ceiling so thinly that it didn't look textured, yet match 71 years of paint (paint rolling bumps). After 30 minutes of messing with the mud and practicing on scrap pieces of wood and drywall, it took Dave 10 minutes to texture the ceiling.
Sunday night we worked until 12:05 am and crashed into bed. Monday morning started about 8:45 am. I bribed Dave that we would go to Denny's for breakfast after we finished the texturing in the bedroom.
While I was a bit more tired Monday, Reese was ready for some serious attention!

This handy set up was used to keep the texture in the room where it belongs instead of all over the place--it was the originally part of the drywall hanging experience. With the door and windows tapped off, this texture experience took 20 minutes and the ceiling added another 5! By 11:30, we headed off to eat. Farmer Boys was calling our name (since it was no longer breakfast time) and Home Depot couldn't be avoided. Harbor Freight got our attention for a paint sprayer (pink closet will be white soon) and Baker's provided a well-deserved Oreo milkshake.

While eating, we created a shopping list and a plan for the afternoon. Our entire trip lasted about an hour and a half and we were home to work. Melissa helped me empty DAVE's closet onto the couch and in the livingroom (yes, blog readers, those are all DAVE's clothes).
She then volunteered to help sand the closet--decked out and ready to go, she got busy.

5 minutes later, she was tired, but kept going and going...

20 minutes later she was done and dirty!

While Melissa sanded, Dave and I cleaned up all the dust (seriously, dust go away!!) and began painting. We have a green tinted primer that will help dramatically when we paint the green wall color onto the wall. We used almost three gallons of primer because the new drywall and texture suck up the paint pretty dramatically.

I cut in the corners and ceiling while Dave rolled the high parts.
Before I realized that this was going to be an ALL day task, I had told Dave that we'd get to go out to a nice dinner and maybe even a movie when we were finished. With no end in sight, Dave started reminding me about my "promise."
After a short break, Melissa came back in a new outfit meant for nursing or painting. She had heard the "promise" as well and wanted to go to eat. At this point, Dave began priming the ceiling white and Melissa and I took over the green wall priming. We painted the rest of the room together.

(This color is only the primer--the "real" color hasn't been put on the wall yet)


For graduation, I bought Dave a topsy turny strawberry planter. He has been "looking at" them for awhile at Home Depot and mentioned several times that he wanted to try it.

This weekend on one of our many trips to Home Depot, we purchased four strawberry plants and some potting soil. On a break from working in the master bathroom, we potted the thing and hung it on the pool gate.

Monday morning, it had already grown and I counted 17 baby strawberries growing!