Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Oh, what a big boy we have on our hands!  At 11:47 am (right as this posts), my baby is going to be two!  I often watch him playing and wonder how in the world our little tiny, super skinny, baby became such a happy, energetic, little boy; however, there is no denying that he's a big boy! 

Last night, I cuddled in before putting him in his crib and he fits right in the curve from my neck, but extends all the way to my knees!  His loving affection melts my heart as he loves touching mommy and daddy's faces when he's tired and knows exactly how to wiggle into his perfect position. Although he moves constantly, he cuddles and hugs really well.  Hopefully a year from now when he's turning three he'll still want to do that with me. 

Today marks our last "regular" update with the list of things to remember:

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Here are the new developmental things that he started doing this month:
  • Physical: He can do pretty much every physical trait there is to do and shows no fear in doing it.
  • Teeth: Working on the "two-year" molars
  • Cognitive/Language: he's showing great understanding of how things are connected together which is really fun to watch, refers to things as his and other peoples using possessives (Andrew's ball, Mommy's brush, Andrew's mommy), making a whole lot of noise!
  • Vocabulary: This month Andrew has started using a bunch of phrases with intonation--"oh man" is mommy's favorite, but there is also "it's right here/there" when you asked him where something is, and  "uh huh!" instead of yes,  "my turn" whenever he wants something.  "I love you" comes out all the time too.  He also has started to say "thank you mama" without prompting when you help him (even when daddy helps him, but then it usually turns into "thank you mama, dada." 
  • Potty training: (no change) He still goes pee and poo on the toilet at school.  At home, it's hit and miss. 
  • Psychosocial: As loving as he is, he is also still extremely aggressive and time-outs are still happening on a regular basis.  His fake cry and scream for wanting something is getting more intense as his stubbornness is rising to the surface (hmmm, wonder where he got that from).  He works hard to put his own shirts, pants, socks, and shoes on and some days taking off his shoes seems like the end of the world.
Physical Growth this Month/Doctors:  no doctor's visits yet
Sleeping: We've got something going on that is effecting his sleep.  He cried out several times a night, saying "no" and "owie," but goes back to sleep pretty easily.  He's still waking up way too early, but Daddy has had pretty good success convincing him to go back to bed.
Eating: If it is pizza, pasta, hot dogs, or something that can be dipped, Andrew will eat more than mommy; however, if he doesn't like it, he won't even touch it and no amount of forcing will work (this counts ALL veggies at this point).
Diapers: Still in size 4s which we may be in forever.
Clothing: Still a size 6W shoe. We are in 12-18 months clothes... pulled out a few 12 month shorts to wear on the warmer day--he's wearing his size 5 salt water sandals from last summer comfortably.
Favorite Toys: Super into building and organizing things.  Thanks to his amazing friends and family, he has a bunch of new toys to play with over the next few weeks.

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