Monday, December 23, 2013

Making Cookies

Blogging has gone to the wind in the new busyness in our life. Thankfully for the handy iPhone and its fantastic camera, documenting life has still happened. 

Yesterday, despite feeling sick, we made cookies. During Andrew's nap, Dave and I cranked out butter cookies and sugar cookie dough. As he woke up, we made the gingerbread dough to sit in the frig. Daddy showed Andrew how to lick the beaters.
Andrew seemed to know exactly how to make sugar cookies (even if he didn't want to wait for mommy to finish rolling out the dough).
His favorite part was decorating with sprinkles. He loved paying attention to 'details' for the most part.
Mommy stopped paying attention for just a second and the tree above resulted from that. Andrew also really wanted to add eyes to many cookies with the red hots.
Happy cookie eating!

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