Saturday, December 22, 2012


I haven't written a real blog in well over a month and a half, but school is out for Christmas break, and I'm going to get caught up! In chronological order, I'll start back in November for Thanksgiving week.  Although I technically had the whole week off, I spent Monday and Tuesday at the ASB CADA conference in Anaheim. 
One of the reasons I've been non-existent on the blog this school year is because of ASB.  Officially, I am a freshman class advisor (along with Mr. Diaz), however, the responsibility has grown as I've accepted more responsibility in order to help Arlington and these hard working kids.  I love getting to work with the student and teaching/modeling good leadership skills, but it is a HUGE time commitment.  Most recently, we have been prepping for Midwinter (the formal dance of the year + spirit week + pep rally) and I've been leading the girls on the dance committee.

Anyway, for the CADA conference, we left AHS at 6 am and arrived at Disneyland Hotel around 10:30.  We attended the CADA conference together (all 38 students and 5 advisers) and then explored the Disneyland hotel area.  Dinner together and more exploring ended the night with 10:30 pm bed checks.  Bright and early the next morning (6:00 am) we went to Disneyland with early admission.

Ivette (junior class advisor and my buddy) and I were expecting to be ignored, but these group of girls decided we were cool enough to hang out with all day! 
We arrived back at AHS and all the kids were picked up by 11:30 pm!
A long, but worthwhile, two days!

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