Friday, December 28, 2012

Daddy's Birthday at the Mission Inn

On Dave's actual birthday, Desiree joined us at the Mission Inn for Christmas lights and dinner at El Torito.  Andrew was in awe of the lights and stared wide-eyed, often adding in quiet "woahs" and "ites" (lights) combined with finger-pointes!

 The elfs were cute and Andrew enjoyed the fact that they moved.

 Desiree took a family picture of us on Santa's sleigh--Mommy's eyes were closed first, then it was Andrew's turn--if I wasn't so lazy, I'd put them into Photoshop and merge them (hmm, maybe I should make my Media students do it for me?!).

 The choo-choo train was probably Andrew's favorite piece.
 Also, I know it doesn't look like Andrew has that much warmness on, but he actually has three long sleeve shirts and two pairs of pants.  I left off his snow coat because he was sweating ;)

Yes, folks, that is a BUCKET of donuts!  Yummy goodness!
We ended the night at El Torito with a very cool waiter and bull hats!

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