Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weight Watchers

I have lived the WW life for the past three years successfully enough to have lost and maintained 88 pounds. Even when I'm "going crazy" and eating everything in site, I still am eating significantly better than I did before WW took over.

I don't particularly want to stop WW just because I'm pregnant. It doesn't seem fair--it works, I know it works. I like it and again, most importantly, it works. There is a lot of people asking if it is okay online and responses on both sides of the fence. There are a lot of posts saying that their doctor said it was okay, but they didn't follow it the entire pregnancy and also a lot completely against the idea of "dieting" (personally, I don't think these people have ever done WW or at least if they did, they didn't embrace the live changing part).

Using common sense would tell you that as long as you add 300 calories (4-6 points) to your daily points target and actually eat them, that you would be perfectly fine. Everything online and in books says that women only need 300 extra calories for the entire first trimester... that is agreed on... So if I take my normal 26 points per day (1,430 calories) and add 5 points to 31 points (1705 cal) logically I should be perfectly fine. Even with the 88 lbs lost, I am still in the obese category and should only gain 15-20 pounds.

For the next sixteen days before I go to the doctors, following WW is my plan... we'll see what the doctor says on the 17th

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