Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 5

Just spent the last full week on a cruise with my parents and family friends without spilling the beans--super proud of myself! Although the flipside of that is that it doesn't quite seem real that there is a tiny baby growing inside of me.

For my sake and the fact that I am not talking to anyone about this yet (and Dave doesn't really have a desire to hear everything), here is what's going on with my body:

exactly the same, minus the tired eyes from being unable to sleep soundly

strange all the time--when I have to go to the bathroom, I have to go NOW or I get pretty intense cramps. I have random strange girgles coming from my lower stomach. Tired doesn't even cover the exhaustion. My contacts never seem to be clear and the world looks a bit blurry in them (perfectly fine in my glasses). Thankfully, I have had very little nausea and the little I did have was because I ate breakfast too late.

bread--any type. On the cruise that translated into a lot of sour dough rolls and several toasted plain bagels for breakfast.

sleep is good and I should be able to sleep well in my own bed tonight.

my head cold goes away on its own
this baby keeps growing healthy in my tummy
that during next week's appointment we can see and hear the baby

no medicine (that actually works) for this cold... grrr

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  1. I am so impressed you made it through the cruise without telling anyone. I thought for sure that must have been when you let your parents know! I hope that when the time comes we'll be able to keep a secret too!