Friday, May 28, 2010

Recent Happenings

Been busy and been lazy--sorry for the dramatic delay in words and pictures.

Here's the happenings in no sort of order:
  • I finished my Masters of Arts in Educational Administration. This included finishing fieldwork hours, a portfolio and comp prep class, hours upon hours of studying, and one nasty hand/finger cramp. Des and I studied for three weeks this year (as opposed to the one from last year) and rocked the flashcards, mnuemonics, and hand motions. Last Saturday (5/22), we sat down at 1 pm and wrote! My comps consumed three hours and forty-three minutes of my time and used 38 pages of paper. We celebrated being over with a ice cream cone from McDonalds. Just waiting for the letter confirming that I passed.
  • My dad was called as the senior pastor at Faith Fellowship in La Palma (Orange County) on the 23rd of May. It was pretty inspiring to be there, listen to his sermon about trusting God, and then get to watch him and mom walk down the isle with a standing ovation. His first Sunday is this weekend. The moving from San Diego decisions are still in the works.
  • Finished up at Liberty as I helped them run their first ever Career Day. The event went well and the kids overwhelmingly loved the experience (thanks Brenda!); I think that they can handle it next year without me.
  • Dave has been working at a contract job for the past four weeks (he has a few more to go) setting up a network and computer system for the new Kohl's distribution center in San Bernardino. He's been working 8-5 and coming home tired.
  • As you can assume, work on the house has slowed down to a crawl because Dave's been working outside of the house. However, we've been working each weekend and some evenings on the master bathroom/bedroom. I understand why the do-it-yourselfers on TV hire people to come in and tape and mud the drywall. It isn't particularly hard work, but it is really, really, really annoying and time consuming. I think I'd be willing to pay someone the next time. Hopefully by the end of Memorial weekend, I'll be able to post some pictures that include paint color :)
  • I didn't get a pink slip this year and I can't be moved because I was last year; so I'll be a lion again. Working with students to get a student spirit club up and running and wishing/praying that Yearbook will land in my lap. Not sure what I'll be teaching next year (it seems to change every time I talk to someone else), but hopefully I'll be in a different classroom.
  • Melissa moved in and has taken over the extra space we d idn't know we had. Because of the extra person and the work in the master bedroom, my clothes are on a rack in the living room and the queen bed is sitting in the dining room. A folding table is set up to "hold" stuff. Every nook seems to have something in it. Melissa also comes home to tell some disgusting stories about what she's experienced at work. I keep telling her that she should write about them because they are downright hiliarious--seriously, just ask her about poop, she has about 15 zingers so far :) She bought a car last weekend and will be finding an apartment of her own soon.
  • Working with a few WW friends to plan a 5K for June 6th. Super excited.
  • Robyn's baby shower is coming June 12th. Elegant and PINK--love this girl thing.
  • I'll be teaching ninth grade English in summer school at Poly HS (all summer school is there for the entire district) from June 14-July 16th. Hopefully the extra paychecks will help get the house done!
  • Even though I don't teach yearbook this year (sniff, sniff), I'll be teaching at Yearbook Camp again July 26-29th.
  • My parents are celebrating 30 years of marriage this August 16th and to celebrate we're going on a family vacation. Much cheaper than the Hawaii trip, we'll be cruising the Mexican Caribbean in August.

Feel updated?

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  1. Congratulations on all the good news:). We have been watching and praying for you guys, especially your dad. Its awesome that things are coming together for everybody. Praise God for his lovingkindness!