Saturday, October 30, 2010

Week 18

I LOOK: While I think I look pretty darn pregnant, everyone else says I look the same. Thankfully my pimples are pretty much gone (minus the scar, gross!).
  • Total Weight Gain: +5 lbs (1 lb from two weeks ago)
  • Maternity Clothes: 100% of pants and a few maternity shirts mixed in with my normal clothes

I FEEL: Pregnant? My belly is firm! Yesterday, as I leaned over a table, I felt the belly in the way and it was a pretty strange. I'm still pretty tired by the end of the day, but the mornings have gotten a lot better over this past week. Tawni and Robyn report that soon after 18w they started feeling energy again, so I'm hoping for that.
  • Baby Movements: I'm sure now; it isn't just gas, the baby is moving and I can feel it :) I feel the baby mostly during the day when I've sitting between classes.

I CRAVE: Cream cheese! Eating it plan seems a bit insane, so I've been piling it on bread and onion bagels.

I THINK: Pregnant "brain" is real and my poor students have to deal with it.

I HOPE: I start to look pregnant soon.

DOCs SAY: At my appointment on 10/20, we heard a healthy heart beat of 151. My midwife also reported that my uterus was measuing pretty high and suggested that the baby is bigger/old than my due date suggests. Other than that, everything else checked out as normal.

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  1. Pregnant brain doesn't go away after you have the baby either! It just becomes mommy brain! I hope it's just the lack of sleep and it will go away soon.