Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mommy, I'm on the go!

Guest Blogger, Andrew
I don't know why Mommy is so suprise at my new skills, you'd have thought she'd read enough books to know that I'd be moving and shaking pretty soon.  I am not quite sure why she tries to make me lay down so much--who cares if I have a clean diaper or clothes on.  She needs to realize that I NEED to roll around, crawl, stand up, spit, and squeal.
  • The blanket in the middle of the living room?  Pointless, "You want me to play there daddy, I'm going to play with the chair legs."  
  • Eating from a bottle takes too long, "Mom, I'd rather roll around in your arms than eat."
  • Going to sleep is for the birds, "Standing up in my crib, blowing spit bubbles at the door is more fun."
 New sleeping positions:
"I roll around so much that when I finally do give in, sometimes I get my legs stuck."
 New Places to Play
"You mean I can't go into the fireplace Mom?  But, why?"
New Strength
"This walking thing looks interesting, I'm going to pull myself up on everything. 
Who cares if it moves?!"

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  1. Andrew over 6 months old!! Hard to believe it goes by so fast! He looks adorable at his crib blowing bubbles and waiting to be picked up. He entertains himself quite well which is a good thing. Holy Molely get ready to pick everything off the floor up to 3 feet...seriously...nothing will be below her knees in your house except "heavy" chair legs and furniture and his toys. Even then you will have to put hats on him because he will have so many head bruises from his falls :) Love Grandma