Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

 Last weekend, we headed to the coolest pumpkin patch ever.  The Live Oak pumpkin patch had more types of pumpkins than I've ever seen, along with a cut-your-own area, tons to see and do (a corn maze!).  Brenda came with us and took some beautiful photographs of our family and baby boy.  Despite the intense heat and lots of people, we have some beautiful shots!

 by the corn maze
 the cute little photo area they had set up was great, despite the intense sun
 "daddy, this corn stalk doesn't taste good"
 "oh, man, you mean I can climb up on these?!"

 "mom, I can't pose for a picture when these cool pumpkins are right next to me.  I must touch them!"
 "I'm hot"

 "Aw, finally, no clothes and the shade!"
 "Can I take this one home?"
 "These ones are huge!"


  1. These pictures are fantastic! Love the one of you and your son in the cornstalks. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. Jennifer, Dave, and Andrew...I want to come with you next year to this cute place. Because of my tummy surgery this Grandma was laying on her back all week! But, next year it will be lots of fun to go with you all :)

    Love Grandma Lynette

  3. oh my gosh, these are so great! I love his little faces that he makes, he's so expressive!