Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Months old!

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Andrew is now crawling and cruising with great speed.  Last Thursday (2/2), Andrew stood unassisted for the first time.  On Saturday (2/4), he walked his first two steps from me to Melissa!  He isn't "walking," but we're close.
  • Here are the new age-appropriate developmental things that he can do: object if you take something away, exchange back-and-forth gestures with you, clap his hands, climb up using his arms and legs (including stairs) and stand alone momentarily.
  • Verbally, Andrew still doesn't babble regularly, but when he does, he is loud.  He often says "eeeeee" when he wants something.  He has used baby-sign to say "more" and "eat" several times.
  • His top left tooth popped through on Sunday (2/5).  The right one made its appearance yesterday (2/8) with a fever.  The fang teeth are close too.
Physical Growth this Month: No idea because for the first time since he was three months old, we didn't go to the doctor's a single time!!  I don't think he's gained that much weight or grown much length, because all of his 6-9 month clothes still fit.

Things Andrew likes:
  • Person: Aunt Melissa, Mommy, Daddy, Ms. Cindy at school
  • Places: the bathroom!
  • Activities: taking a bath/shower, swinging, being thrown in the air by dad, climbing up on anything and everything
  • Toys: his camera and books!
Things Andrew doesn't like: when Daddy stops playing with Andrew (he whines for more), when Mommy sets him down when he's tired (full crying fit), when he can't be in the shower/bath (he bangs on the door if someone is in there) and when something he is "into" is taken away (crying with crocodile tears).

Sleeping: He sleeps through the night most of time time (8 pm-6:30 am). If he does wake up, it is with screaming like he's scared or his diaper is soaking through his clothes.
Andrew and I both stayed home sick today.  I think Mommy has something flu-ish and the verdict is out if Andrew's fever is just his teeth or if he has a virus.  We both had our flu shots, so I'm hoping this is short lived.  I'm not going to torture the cranky, feverish baby with his official month picture (with the sticker) until this weekend, so for now, look closely at the bottom picture and you can see the top two teeth peeking out of the gums.  The left one is 100% out already and the right one is about 75% out (after yesterday).

Eating: Andrew has started to decrease his formula intake; he still has 4 bottles, but only takes 4 oz or so in the morning and has 3-7 oz bottles through the rest of the day.  He now eats a significant amount of table food.  At school, he eats breakfast (cereal/waffles/pancakes/fruit) and lunch from the school menu (fruit/veggies) in addition to one baby food jar and oatmeal for lunch.  For dinner, he usually has one 4 oz jar of baby food (usually meat based), fresh veggies and fruit of some kind, crunchies or puffs, and bites of whatever we're eating.  He don't really like normal meat, but he loves the gross Gerber chicken links (like hot dogs) and chicken nuggets without the coating.  He also had his first pizza this month!  The child will pretty much eat anything.

Diapers: Still in size 3s--we've used another 256 diapers (1408 total in size 3).  He's leaking out at night 2-3 times a week, so we're going to have to try something different for nighttime.

Clothing: No change from month eight, Andrew is wearing all 6-9 month clothing with the exception of a few 12 month sleepers. I'm really over these clothes after five months, but the 9-12 month stuff looks so big on him.

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  1. Andrew is definitely getting called "big boy" now. His cruising skills are evident and those first steps will be here soon! Get ready for more bumps and bruises!! It is so fun to see him so interested in so many things and he is always curious. I love to watch him play, crawl, cruise and eat! These months have gone by soooo fast...I want to slow them down and keep the baby stage. But toddlerhood is fast approaching! Congrats to Mommy and have done an excellent job of parenting...something that is 24/7. Love Grandma Lynette