Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Recap

Because I was gone on Valentine's Day for the Academy Conference in Sacramento, we celebrated early.  On Saturday, we went to Chipolte for dinner and Cherry on Top for dessert.  Andrew loved the black beans and sort of liked the frozen yogurt.
 I made Andrew's daycare teachers a goody bag with chocolate, note cards, and one of Andrew's Valentines pictures (from Valentine's Day post).  Dave delivered them faithfully on Tuesday.
 As part of our new traditions, Andrew got his Valentine's Day LOVE BUG!  It is pretty darn funny looking, but it has a backpack zipper part to add treats and goodies.  The arms hold a card or other goodies too :)
 The idea is that he'll get it every year (sort of like the basket from the Easter Bunny, or the stockings from Santa) from his love, Mommy.
 Inside Andrew's love bug this year was a new sippy with a straw (not that he'll use any of the five other kinds we have, but it can't hurt to try another kind).
 Although Mommy wasn't home, Daddy did get Andrew into his Valentine's Day outfits both Monday and Tuesday. 

Yep, Mommy, what my shirt says is true, I am a heart breaker!

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