Friday, November 9, 2012

19 Months Old

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Here are the new developmental things that he started doing this month:
  • Physical: He's mastered most of the gross and fine motor skills for the 18-24 month time period (running, pushing/pulling large objects, carries large items while walking, comes down stairs, seats himself on chairs, builds towers of 4-6 things, places rings on spindle, turns pages individually, turns knobs).  Still working on using utensils, but not great.
    • Teeth: no new teeth this month, but the canine teeth are close.

  • Cognitive/Language: very into stacking objects onto other objects (pretty much obsessed at this point), enjoys coloring/scribbling and actually stays on the page, points to fifteen body parts on command, enjoys reading stories and intently pays attention to the pictures, started vocalizing poo-poo and pee-pee needs (gotta love daycare!).
    • Vocabulary/Words: I've lost track of the new words that he says these days!  It seems like every day there is something else coming out of his mouth again.  Just today, he's said up and hello for the first time. The funniest thing that he does is stand at the back door yelling, 'out bun, out bun.' I'm assuming this means, "I want to go outside to see the bunnies."
Potty training: Daycare has started the 'potty training' process with Andrew.  Basically every three hours when they would normally check his diaper, they put him on the mini-toilets in the room.  They started this on his 18 month birthday, on October 30th, he peed on the toilet for the first time and he has continued to do it several times a day.  Last weekend, he told me poo-poo and I sat him on the toilet at home and he did and then he did it again in the bath yesterday in front of Grandma.  I know that this is totally TMI, but I seriously am shocked.  I censored the picture for you and avoided the picture of the actual poo-poo :)

Psychosocial: beginning to move around the house without supervision and without too many issues, mimics mommy and daddy, beginning to understand the concept of 'playing with' instead of just 'playing alongside' us and friends at school, temper tantrums galore.

We continued to play with the cardboard house in the living room!
Physical Growth this Month/Doctors:  we've had an entire month of wellness!  It's hard to believe, but October and early November was a good for his health.  Our well-baby visit is Tuesday for 18th month appointment.  
Sleeping: (same as 18 months) We're a loving sleeping family! Bedtime is around 7:30 and he's sleeping until we wake him up for school at 7:00 am.
Eating:  (same as 18 months) Loves to eat. Currently his favorites are fruit (still), sugar free organic fruit snacks, ground turkey, anything with tomato sauce.
We spent a lot of time at AHS Football games! Our little lion was very into the atmostsphere, the cheerleaders, and the actual game!  He loved cheering for the players too!
Diapers: (same as 18 months) Size 4s (1188 used) during the day and night.
Clothing: We moved up to a size 6W shoe this month (we've been a 5.5 since June).  Clothes are a 9-12 month in shirts and 12-18 months for pants (that MUST have adjustable waist--thanks Osh Gosh)... I'm really, really tired of them (still)... it's been SO warm we're mostly in shorts anyway.
Favorite Toys: anything that he can stack, unstack, put a lid on, take a lid off, place inside something, etc and BOOKS!  He's started reading books to me, along with YELLING parts of the story to me.
 Andrew has a bit of a cold that we're trying to prevent turning into more, so we are doing breathing treatments at night--our big boy can do it himself.
And because no post would be complete without tears!

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