Sunday, November 4, 2012


 On Halloween, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse and Dave dressed up as Charlie Brown for work, while Andrew wore his orange PJs to school (his costume day was Friday).
 We started trick-or-treating at 5:15 with a trip to Noma's and Beverly's house (our elderly neighbors). 
 Instead of candy, Noma gave Andrew a Cars pillow pet.
 After a short stop to pick up Melissa and eat at Taco Bell, we headed to the Webster's for a trick or treating.  We were greeted by the Avengers (Captian America and Iron Man) and a very shy elephant.
 Andrew and Sam are the only ones that wanted to pose, but my gosh, they are cute!
 Ivy, the very shy elephant
 Nathan, the non-smiling Iron Man

 Melissa, cinderella, joined the fun.
 Andrew loved trick or treating.  At each door, he waited for the door to open and when it did, he would say 'hi' and wait for the candy to appear.  He took the candy from the person and put it into his own bucket (they weren't allowed to do it). At most houses he would say thank you (well, sign thank you) and give them a huge smile.  At several houses, he tried to go INSIDE their house... that was awkward, but kind of funny.
 He held onto his candy bucket quite possessively.

Andrew did not want to stop trick or treating, nor go home--we had tears!
We were home and in bed by 8 pm.

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