Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas Recap 6: Pfeffer Christmas

 December 29
We drove down to Lakeside for the day to visit Grandma and Grandpa Pfeffer.  Even though we left at 10 and Andrrew should have probably just fell asleep, he stayed away for the entire drive down and talked/played with mommy in the back seat.  The magna doodle provided a solid hour of enjoyment again (thanks Phyllis!).
 Andrew had to wait outside for his special present until Daddy got the camera ready to go...
He got on right away and figured out how to push the ears to make the head move and "neighs." 
 Grandma showed him how to do it!
 We shared a ham dinner with all the fixings and Andrew finally took his nap for the day. 
While Andrew napped, we opened presents for each other.
John got a big and heavy box (some drain thing).
 Dave opened his finish nailers from mom and our beautiful basket from Pauline.
 Andrew woke up in a horrible mood, super clingy and cranky (really, really hoping we're not getting sick) and wanted to having nothing to do with opening presents.  We opened them for him--a fluffy jacket, wheelie cars and a puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa, a doggie ornament from Alicia, and legos from Aunt Pauline.
 After some apple sauce and juice, Andrew was feeling a bit better and smiled with Grandma and Grandpa as he said 'Merry Christmas!'

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