Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Recap 7: Uncle Jesse and Aunt Nicole

 Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jesse were in Lakeside on the 29th too!  For our last Christmas of the year, we stopped by Grandma Linda's house and saw some of our favorite people.
 Grandma Linda bought Andrew a very cool Mac truck (from Cars) that loads and launches race cars.
 Uncle Jesse showed him how it worked twice and Andrew had it mastered. 
He launched trucks over and over again!

 Linda took us out to Mexican for dinner-yummy!

 Andrew behaved nicely, loved the music, and add a lot of beans, rice, guac! 
Aunt Nicole taught Andrew how to sword fight first with forks, then with straws (not nearly as fun), and last with knives (totally Aunt Nicole's idea).
After dinner and goodbyes, we headed back to Riverside. 
This time, Andrew slept almost the entire drive home!

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