Friday, March 9, 2012

Eleven Months

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Andrew walks 5-6 steps in a row all day long, but he still isn't "walking" around.  His biggest accomplishment developementally is probably his ability to stand up in the middle of the room without pulling up on anything.  While he could do it before, it took him several tries to get it right.  He now does it over and over again.
  • Here are the new age-appropriate developmental things that he can do: clap on command when he hears "yeahh," stand alone pretty well, throw small toys, drink from his sippy (woo hoo!), and shares objects with others.
  • Verbally, Andrew loves to be LOUD!  He yells, grumbles, and talks a bunch these days.  Mamamama and Dadadada come out constantly, along with a bunch of other sounds.  He has a gremlin voice which is really funny and it sounds like he's speaking some made up language ("immature jardoning" according to What to Expect).  I've actually heard him say 'dog' several times.
  • No new teeth.
Physical Growth this Month: On February 10th, he weighed exact 21 pounds when we took him to the doctors for roseloa.  We're still in the dark because we have a WELL baby (I thought I was never going to get to say that)!  Other than the three days of fever and three days of rash from roseloa, we have no germies at this house.  I'm assuming he's about the same size because he hasn't changed sizes.
Things Andrew likes (wow, everything is the same as month ten): Person: Aunt Melissa, Mommy, Daddy, Ms. Cindy at school, Places: the bathroom!, Activities: taking a bath/shower, swinging, being thrown in the air by dad, climbing up on anything and everything, Toys: his camera and books!
Things Andrew doesn't like: when Daddy stops playing with Andrew (he whines for more), when Mommy sets him down when he's tired (full crying fit), when he can't be in the shower/bath (he bangs on the door if someone is in there) and when something he is "into" is taken away (crying with crocodile tears).

Sleeping: Bedtime has gotten earlier this month because we've dropped the third nap completely.  He usually sleeps about 1-2 hours of naps at school and is bed by 7:30.  He sleeps through the night most of time time (up between 6-6:30 am). We also switched to nighttime diapers to stop the soaking clothes issue.

Eating: I thought I'd give you a full day in his life of eating so you could appreciate the sheer amount of food this little person consumes and then proceeds to burn off (because frankly, it isn't causing him to gain weight).
6:15 am, 7 oz bottle
7:15 am, Breakfast, 5 oz jar fruit/granola
8:15 am, cheerios, "breakfast" at school
10:30 am, 7 oz bottle or cup
12 noon, Lunch, 4 oz jar veggies, 1 c oatmeal w/formula, "lunch" from the school menu
2:30 pm, 7 oz bottle or sippy
4:00 pm, yogurt or apple sauce, puffs or cheerios
5:45-6 pm, Dinner, 6 oz jar meats, fruit cup, veggies, chicken hot dog, little crunchies
7:30 pm, 7-8 oz bottle (that would be a grand total of 28-29 oz a day)

Diapers: Still in size 3s--we've used another 256 diapers (1665 total in size 3).  He's wearing size 3 Huggies Overnights now too.

Clothing: No change from month eight, nine, or ten, Andrew is wearing all 6-9 month clothing with the exception of a few 12 month sleepers. I'm really over these clothes after five months, but the 9-12 month stuff looks so big on him.

Sticker pictures to follow this weekend :)


  1. 11 months already??!! Where is the time going! And my Noah certainly has those crocodile tears at the ready all day!!

  2. Can't wait to meet you and Andrew in a few weeks! I swear our boys could be twins: same size, same eating habits, same sleeping habits...