Sunday, March 25, 2012

Play Date with the Bumpies!

Xavier (April 8), Andrew (April 9), Katlyn (April 5), Jaycob (April 15)
 I am part of this fantastic group of moms who all have April babies.  We've been together since we were pregnant on the Bump (thus, I refer to them as Bumpie friends).  On Saturday, March 24th, we were able to get together with a few Southern California moms and babies.

 We met at the Irvine Regional Park. 
The kids had a chance to socialize while the moms talked IRL (in real life). 
Hannah and I have always talked about how Xavier and Andrew are very, very similar in their habits. It was fun to see them together.  Xavier is a far better walker than Andrew and smiled a ton.
 We rode the train around the park. 
The kids seemed to enjoy it--everyone except Andrew sat still and watched.  Andrew stood up, tried to climb out, and really wanted to touch the roof.

 They had a bunch of Easter stuff set up around the center gathering area (mostly for bigger kids). 
We took advantage of the chicks in the Easter basket!

 The day wouldn't have been complete without my little monkey showing off his skills.  Not only did he climb into everyone's stroller, but he also decided he wanted to climb onto the picnic bench.  Of course, given five minutes to figure it out, he succeeded.

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