Sunday, March 25, 2012

Riverside Raincross 5K

I realize that I'm really behind with some posts, but without further ado, we'll attempt to get caught up.  February 24th was the Riverside Raincross 5K (my second of five for the year).  The week before I was in Sacramento for a conference and pulled/pinched something in my hip and I was unsure if I could even slowly walk this 5K, but with I did it SLOWLY. 

We were joined by 2,000 other locals, including the Recendez, Aunt Melissa, Andrew, Dave, Wendy, and Jeannie.  Andrew "rolled" the whole 3.1 miles without falling asleep (despite the fact that it was nap time).
 Wendy was nursing an injury too, so along with Jeannie, Melissa, and Andrew we went a very comfortable sleep.  We finished in just under an hour (offically 58 minutes and 57 seconds).
 We enjoyed some bananas and oranges afterwards and headed to Denny's for a real breakfast/lunch.
The next one schedules in the April 22nd Color Run in Irvine.

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