Sunday, April 15, 2012

Andrew's Birthday Party

On April 7, we had Andrew's barnyard birthday party!

  Thanks to Brenda, we have over 300 pictures of the day (which is great because I didn't take a single picture during the actual party).
 Dave found a gentleman who would rent us these adorable baby chicks for the kids to pet.
 We had 11 kids come to celebrate Andrew--as you can tell from the pictures,
they are one good looking group!
The older group (3-4 year olds) consisted of Brendan, Brandon, Sammy, Anna, and Shawn. 
The younger group (1 years olds) was Brook, Ivy, Caleb, Nathan, and Andrew (as the youngest).
 Racing horses was pretty darn funny!
 All the the food had its own barnyard name, but the desserts were my favorite. 
 The kids participated in a chicken egg hunt in the chicken coup that Dave built.  The kids then turned in their eggs at the General Store for prizes!
 Thirty adults overwhelmed us with love for Andrew. 
Andrew's great grandparents were able to come which was a very special treat. 
 Although there was no major smashing and very little eating going on,
Andrew had fun with his very own HUGE cupcake!
It was SO hot that we moved both of the pop-ups to the front yard and put them right next to the front porch.  With shade we were able to open presents and eat cupcakes!  Andrew was spoiled by his friends and family!

I had originally worried about it raining and had a back-up plan in case the forecast called for rain. I did not expect it to be 93 degrees (the hotest day of the year so far), but we made the best of it and still had a great time. The kids had rosy cheeks and sunscreen made an appearance early on. A few of the games I had planned were put on the back burner because it was so stinkin' hot!

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  1. Wow! Looks like all your hard work to get ready for the party paid off. Sorry we missed out!