Monday, April 23, 2012

Color Run 5K

We started off with crisp white shirts and hats!
 Yesterday Andrew, Melissa and I participated in my third 5K of 2012!  This one was probably the most fun I'll have all year.  The Color Run is a national organization that puts on these colorfests all across the US to raise money for local charities. 

The "SoCal" race was in Irvine and raised money for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Orange County.  With almost 10,000 runners, it was a bit nuts.  The 9 am race was sold out and they opened 5,000 more spots for noon (and that one sold out too), so we were able to take our time in the morning and get there with time to take in the full scene.
 Basically it is a 5k where you get splattered with color at each kilometer. 
First up was yellow and we thought we had a TON of color on us
(yeah, right, very little in hindsight). 

Also, for the concerned parties, Andrew was completely covered during the "color zones" with just his little bitty feet showing.  The "color" you see on him at the finish was strategically placed by mommy and Aunt Melissa.
 Second was green and the volunteers were a bit more agressive.
We got it on our face and in our ears--pretty funny. 
At this point, Andrew decided to start licking his green toes (thus the green mouth upcoming).
 Third was blue and we were COVERED! 
It doesn't help that it was darker than the yellow and green.
Andrew giggled when a volunteer at the end of the color zone sprinkled his toes with blue!
The last stop on the race path was pink; thankfully our favorite because the volunteers went a bit nuts with the throwing.  Note Andrew's cute feet and the bottom on the stroller!
At the finish line, everyone shared their color packets with the air and took turns covering each other. We didn't have any purple, so I asked a girl to share with us :)

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  1. Looks like you guys had a good time! How fun! What number 5K is this for you?