Saturday, April 14, 2012

Special Birthday Dinner

On Andrew's actual birthday he went to daycare (see the pictures from yesterday) and then we came home and had a special dinner with some friends and family.
 He is super into his new birthday toys.
 Aunt Melissa, Desiree, Larissa, and Audrey came over to share fajitas.  Andrew's current favorite food is beans, so he had a dinner of black beans, corn, cheese, and peaches.
 Audrey wasn't able to come to Andrew's birthday party on Saturday, so we played some of the barnyard games and made a barn frame.
 Andrew had another stab at eating a cupcake.  He was pretty interested in the piggy nose and ears. After poking at it for awhile, he picked up the entire thing and started licking it.
 Although we had high hopes that he's actually smash it into his face, it didn't last long.  Pretty quickly, Andrew started giving away his cupcake and feeding it to Aunt Melissa and Reese.
 Giving Audrey a kiss!

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