Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day 2012

This year for Mothers' Day, I have the wonderful joy of having a very adorable thirteen month old!  I am extremely blessed to be his mommy.  We started this morning with church and then drove (in bumper-to-bumper traffic) to Yorba Linda to have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Bennett.

Daddy and Andrew did a great job giving love and presents.  I got an adorable card from Dave, another one from Andrew, and Reese even thought of me :)  Dave also picked out the perfect necklace from Brighton (small heart charm with "mom" on one side and "unconditional love" on the other) and let me go pick up a bracelet and earrings.
 After we got home, we actually put water in Andrew's water table!  He LOVED every second of it!

 He had a great time splashing himself and then running over and jumping on us to get us all wet too!
 After a little while, we got out his splash mat.  He didn't quite know what to expect.

but when it actually starting going, he thought it was hilarious!

This picture was completely unplanned--Andrew kept crawling over me to roll around on the towel.
Best Mother's Day Ever!


  1. Such great pics! Water tables are a big hit here too!

  2. Mother's Day 2012 will not be forgotten!! Thanks for meeting us 1/2 way to go out to lunch...thank you Jerry for paying for us to all go out to eat together!! I, also, love my Brighton beads from my two lovely grown-up daughters...THANK YOU! What fun Andrew had after he got home. I am so glad you asked for the Water Play Table for his birthday. I would never had known to buy it. We didn't have toys like that when you were little. Here's to a great Mother's Day!! Love MOM (Grandma Lynette)