Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thirteen Months?!?

I can't believe that Andrew is thirteen months old already!  This month has absolutely flown by because of work and weekend commitments.

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Here are the new developmental things that he started doing this month: run, jump, climbs up steps using hands, slides down slides by himself, helps you dress him (put on shirts), tried to put on his shoes, rolls and throws balls/objects, empties and fills containers, hides himself during peek-a-boo to initate the game, gives kisses, hugs, and high fives on command, waves bye and runs to the door when it is time to leave, turns pages of books, and "answers" the play phone with "yeahyeahyeah, bye."
  • Vocabulary: We've added "mah" for more, "yeahyeah," "hiya," "nah" for no, and "buhbye" to the list (old words are Mama, Dada, Dog, Duck). 
  • Teeth: We've gotten three teeth this month and they haven't been in pairs.
    • Left, Top Lateral Incisor--April 17th
    • Left, Botton Laterial Incisor--April  30th
    • Right, Top Lateral Incisor--May 4
Physical Growth this Month/Doctors:  We've had two ear infections, pink eye, and cellutis of eye (most likely caused by the bacteria that caused his ear infection).  Even with his issues, he's gaining weight rapidly!
  • April 17 (double ear infection): 22 lbs
  • April 26 ("well" baby visit with fluid in his ears w/o infection): 23 lbs, 3.2 oz and 30.5 inches long
  • May 5 (cellulitis of the eye and ear infection again): 23 lbs, 9.6 oz
Sleeping: He's taking one nap at daycare (about 11:30-1:30) during the week and two naps (9:30-10:45 and 3:00-4:00) during the weekend.  He really isn't ready for the one nap, but he doesn't have a choice in his new room. He has another month before we out for the summer, so he'll be continuing with this pattern until then.
Eating: We're on all whole cow's milk (WCM) and finally down to about 16 oz a day.  He eats breakfast at home, breakfast at school, snack, lunch, snack, a huge dinner, and a bedtime bottle. He will eat me out of house and home by the time he's three.  The only thing he doesn't really like is meat (chicken nuggets, meatballs, and fishsticks are the only thing he'll touch).

Diapers: tAndrew wore his last size 3s today (2177 diapers total).  Even though they still fit, I didn't want to get another 256 delievered from Amazon, so we moved on to 4s (overnight diapers will change to 4s too).
Clothing: We're firmly into 9-12 month clothes now and pretty much all of them fit.
 Eating dinner (mac and cheese, peas, and meatballs)
 playing in the dining room

 singing and dancing any time music plays is a new trick
 egg salad was a hit (especially when he realized that it made mommy and daddy make a big deal about putting it in his hair)

I know I wasn't planning on doing a traditional monthly update, but I can't think of any better way to document Andrew's new cute things.  I've been holding back of the daily, or weekly, updates about his new tricks because really, you don't care that much :)

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  1. I care! I love your blog entries and miss them soooo much when you don't put up a picture or tell us what Andrew is up to! Keep up your wonderful blog! Love Grandma