Thursday, May 24, 2012

Water with Friends

Andrew and Jordon
This weekend was incredibly hot!  After Caleb's birthday we all headed to the Websters.  The parents cooled off inside with the air conditioning and the kids got wet!  Andrew, like always, loves playing with other kids.
 It looked a little like chaos, but all had a great time!
Jordan, Andrew, and Nathan

Brendan and Sammy

Clockwise: Brendan, Sammy, Taylor, Jordan, and Andrew

Nathan and Andrew "shared" the ball back and forth.

The birthday boy was pretty content to play on the bikes.

 and the shamelessly cute pictures of Andrew playing can't be left out
 taking his turn climbing the stairs to go down the slide
 ahhh, I see the ball!
"mommy, when will I be big enough to play with them?"

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