Sunday, September 9, 2012

17 Months

New Developmental Milestones this Month: Here are the new developmental things that he started doing this month:
  • Physical: nothing physical is too physical for Andrew, we have a total little kid going on. He's getting better about uneven surfaces and climbing is still his favorite past time. 
    • Teeth: after over two months of working on them, we finally have all 4 molars out.
      • Right Bottom First Molar, September 6
      • Left Bottom First Molar, August 31
  • Cognitive/Language: points constantly and if we don't look, he yells Mama or Dada to get our attention, school has also promoted more jabbering (with a few less real words thrown in there), and we added two new signs (thank you and drink).
    • Vocabulary/Words: We have 32 words in our vocabulary, adding hot, cold, three (as in 1-2-3-Go), Des (Desiree) and Grandma.  He has also become a copy cat with words, so we've heard others, but I won't count them until he says them independently.
    • Old words are Mama, Dada, Dog, Duck, more, hi, no, byebye, ball, bunny (bun), banana, bird, tree, diaper (die), milk, night-night (ni-ni), Reese (eese), shoes, me, pretty, ears, eyes, kitty, turtle, book). 
  • Psychosocial: totally showing defiance and frustration through temper tantrums, knows what he wants and where it is kept (he runs to the frig and hangs there until he gets the cheese, grapes, or whatever else he wants), very clear who mommy and daddy are and wants us over anyone else.
Physical Growth this Month/Doctors:  Obviously we had the whole tongue issue, but other than that craziness, an uneventful Kaiser month.  His tongue has healed nicely and other that a small indent on the tip, you can't even tell what happened. He does have a pretty visible scar on his chin right now.
  • August 14 (date of tongue surgery): 24 lbs, 4.6 oz
  • August 22: 24 lbs even, 32.5 inches (that's almost an inch in two weeks!) 
Sleeping: The first two weeks back to daycare Andrew had to be woken up to go to school (helpful for Daddy), but last week he went back to waking up around 6:30.  Hopefully we can get back to the 7 am time.  His naps are shorter at daycare than they were for the summer (right at 2 hours instead of 2.5-3). He puts himself to sleep after a cup of milk, slow dance and 'Jesus Loves You' song with Mommy.  And probably the cutest thing ever is that he now wraps his arm around my neck when we're singing.

Eating: Andrew pretty much eats everything that we eat and is getting better using a fork. Current favorites: grapes, meatballs (any kind), hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza, string cheese, blueberries, strawberries, bananas. Overall, he will always pick fruit first.  When he is hungry, he signs eat and smacks his lips and recently has started grabbing the diaper bag and pulling it to me for a snack that he knows are in there (yogurt fruit/veggie melts).

Diapers: Size 4s (792 used) during the day and night.
Clothing: 9-12 month still... getting tired of them (I feel like I saw this
Favorite Toys: water, books, balls singing and dancing, climbing on the chairs/mommy, and Little People animals
 Some pictures from Grandma and Grandpa Bennett's house on Sept. 8. 
Andrew's such a ham and LOVES mowing the lawn!

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