Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tourist Day-Ayala, Pismo, San Luis Obispo

 On one of our days at Great Grandma's we went off on an all day adventure.  We started at Ayala Beach to see the sea lions and walk around the drive on pear.  Andrew was very, very excited about the sea lions!

 The coolest part of this location is that the sea lions and people are totally "free" to interact.  The gate above isn't locked and anyone can do down the stairs to where they are laying.  Dave is the only one in our family who attempted to get close, but came back immediately when they started barking at him!

 After the pier, we went to "The Farm" per Grandma's recommendation.  It was very cool!  The rooster roaming around immediately caught Andrew's attention.

 The goats were a bit scary at the beginning, that is until Andrew saw a cat and took off after it.
When it came to feeding the animals, Andrew was initially quite scared.  He quivered and said, "no" in his firm voice, yet he still tried to pick up the food and give it to the animals.  He would sort of hold it out about a foot away from their mouth and drop it.  The billy goats were pretty aggressive and scared him more.
 The lamas were nice and calm and he actually fed thim over and over again.  This one ended up getting pretty much our entire bag of food ($0.25).  As you can see from the below picture, Andrew was very serious as the food changed hands/mouth, but he loved that the lama ate it.

 The baby cows were adorable.  Andrew was sort of mooing at them.
 While we polished off an entire Fresh Apple pie, Andrew watched the horse rides with his noes and forehead pushed against the glass.

 After "The Farm" we made a stop at the Madonna Inn while Andrew slept and Grandpa read his book.
 We ate lunch at a great BBQ place and split up for the afternoon.  Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Melissa went back to Great Grandma's house and we headed to the San Luis Obispo's Children's Museum.

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