Monday, September 24, 2012

SLO Children's Museum

 After a day of adult sight-seeing and hand holding, Andrew has a blast at the SLO Children's Museum.  The museum itself is a three story building and each level is designed for different areas of interest.  The top story was my personal favorite.  The Jelly Bean Junction is specifically designed for four and under and all focused on trains.  The best part was that other than the elevator that took you in and out, there was no way to leave the section.  Escaping the play area is the hardest part of the other Children's Museums we've been too.
 There was a giant train to climb into and push buttons, which of course was Andrew's favorite.  This xylophone was on the front.  It made a lot of noise!
 The train table set up was nearly the size of my living room, with pop in holes throughout so that the kids could sit in the center.  Andrew enjoyed breaking the tracks apart and shoving all the trains into the train station.
 In the book reading part of the train station these windows looked down upon the other two levels and the outside portion of the museum.  Clearly, Andrew does not have a fear of heights.
 Down on the second floor, we played with the Firetruck and police cars.
 This climbing tower was pretty neat.  Andrew loved figuring out how to get taller and taller and mommy didn't have to worry about falling because it was totally caged in!
 He found the musical stage pretty quickly.  These drums and bongos got a lot of use between the four times he came back to them.
 Another, much larger, xylophone!
 Um, although Mommy really wanted to ride the horse, Andrew thought that it was horrible (that is not a laugh, that is a scream!).
 The police motorcycle was huge, but it didn't stop Andrew from climbing up to ride it himself.
Outside was several water toys, including a canal to build bridges and dams to stop the water flow.  We spent a tiny bit of time out there, but for the benefit of not becoming totally soaking wet, we weren't there very long. The first floor wasn't directed at Andrew's age so we just passed through.
All-in-all, this museum was a hit and totally worth of $6 per person.  I'm sure when we're in Arroyo Grande for Christmas with the Bennetts we'll make our way here again with the other great-grandkids :)

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  1. so cool :) I wish I hadn't been so tired that day. I hope to return with you during our Christmas visit to Grandma's.