Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missing you...

I have so much to say and so little to say at the same time.  I'm not sure how that works, but I do know that I get irritated when I read the same saying at other people's blog without much substance behind it, so I'll give you a random list of my things to say.

My home list:
  1. Andrew is becoming such a little boy.  Every single day he surprises me with what he does, says, and understands.  He shows total brilliance (I am biased).
  2. The temper tantrums are epic.  They are exhausting.  I probably should just cherish the "smallness" of my kid, the moments where I can teach him how to respond properly to situations, show anger/frustration, etc but I mainly just want to pull my hair out.
  3. The "I yous" for 'I love you' and the kisses are enough to make any day better.
  4. I haven't cooked in weeks, okay, lets me honest, months.  We've lived on way, way too much fast food and things from a box.
  5. I'm behind on everything and by the time each weekend gets here I am ready to sleep, but that doesn't happen a lot.
  6. I've been sick for weeks and finally took myself to the doctors on Thursday.  A sinus infection and double ear infections greeted me and I'm on antibiotics so hopefully the daily headache and constant congestion will go away too.

My work list:
  1. Life at work is overwhelming.  Not necessarily my teaching classes, nor the extracurricular stuff, nor the admin responsibilities... but all of it combined is just a bit out of control.
  2. I know I shouldn't do as much as I do at work.  Others telling me to 'just say no' doesn't help the situation.  Actually, it makes me angry.  I do most of it because I love it. 
  3. Working with students in a true teaching/learning environment (outside of class) is powerful; it's the part of teaching that I greatly miss about yearbook. 
  4. One of those hugely time-consuming extracurricular tasks is as one of the ASB class advisers. The job description is ever changing based on our expectations of ourselves and my open-mouth-give-idea-execute-idea problem. To be honest though, I wouldn't change it for the world.  Building leadership capacity with these kids has been totally worth it.
  5. Change is in the air all over the place at work and it sort of stresses me out.  Not necessary the actual change, but the uncertainty of the potential of the change.
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