Thursday, February 28, 2013

January Disappearance

January Disappearance=Midwinter Prep, Pep Rally and Dance
 Dave did a few projects at home (balloon stands, lollipop walk-way, lollipop stands, foam cutting) and Andrew helped.  Andrew loved all the extra time spent outside while daddy worked.
 My Freshman had the Lord Licorice section of the gym and started working early (November) and then continued every Tuesday until they finished (way early too).  I had a few seniors in my group and enjoyed watching/helping the seniors mentor the freshman; there were a few moments of total nerdy teacher joy involved.
dance centerpieces in the process
 I also had a ten other committees of 3-4 kids that were responsible for other little projects for the pep rally and dance.  Although they should have started early, most of the groups didn't start working until Finals week (Jan. 15-18).  I supervised/encouraged/taught the groups after finals from 1-5ish each day.  Although it was a lot of "my" time, it was great to watch the kids rise to the level of my expectations, help each other, show great talent, and most importantly, show a huge desire to be involved.
lollipop walkway
 Dave and Andrew stopped by to help finish some of the construction jobs.

the front stage (minus the red carpet)
 Pep rally set up was January 31st from 4-9 pm.  Putting all the pieces together is always time consuming, but awe-inspiring.  Not only was the gym decorated well, but the kids were proud of their work. 
 The freshman section
 Friday (Feb. 1) was the pep rally and all went well.  Friday afternoon, we moved all the pep rally decor that we were using for the dance to the venue, I packed a very last minute items and tried to sleep.  At this point I was also REALLY, REALLY sick (and trying to ignore it).
 Saturday morning (Feb. 2) my dance committee met up at the Vecino building to decorate for the semi-formal dance that night.  We sent the girls home at 11 am and the rock-star advisers finished decorating.  My mom came to help and make the candy bar look fantastic!

 Cassie, my partner in crime, was an amazing helpmate for the day!

My fellow ASB Advisers
Back Row: Cassie, Lisa, Louie, John, Melinda, Theresa
Front Row: Jennifer, Ivette, Claudia

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  1. AWESOME Decorations! It is evident that loads of time was involved with all of this! But it does take a great leader to lead....Jennifer!!!