Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Empire Railway Museum

On New Years Day, we joined Louie, Kristin, and baby Enrique for a cold trip to the Orange Empire Railway Museum.  Their website promoted that everything was open and the trains were running and we were both free!  Louie was more excited that anyone!
 Andrew immediately recognized the trains and began the pointing and "ohhs" and "awws" over the choo-choos.  He enjoyed the view from his multiple layered jackets and blankets!
 It was pretty empty (literally we were the only ones there for the first few minutes and then another family added to our tour) so we had our very own tour guide.  He led us into and out of several train "barns" giving us information and history about the trains and other items in there.

 There were several of these mini play trains to climb in and out of--all the boys got in!

 Andrew's favorite part was ringing the 10 different types of bells and whistles.

 To end our trip, we rode the trolley around the entire museum with our very own conductor.

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