Friday, March 1, 2013

Pretend City

 On February 9, Hannah and Xavier met Andrew and I at Pretend City.  We decided to purchase a year membership so that we could enjoy it over and over again.  A daily ticket is $12.50 per person, so as long as we go 6 time the yearly membership pays for itself.  The other huge benefit is that you can go in an hour before the general population.  In the photo above, you can see that Andrew LOVES the place and took off without much worry.

 There is a special member story and craft time that Andrew was so into!  We read Curious George and made our own smily face with hair and bubble eyes.

 As always, Andrew loved the theatre.

 We saved the best for last with the marina--the boys got themselves completely soaked (like expected).

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  1. We always love meeting you and Andrew at Pretend City! We'll have to go again - maybe April after the birthdays? I sent my 22 month eval in last week so we should have a free ticket soon. Maybe we can bring the husbands next time? They can watch the boys and we'll hang out in the little house :)