Sunday, March 3, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap

 On Valentine's Day, Andrew woke up to his "love bug" presents.  His love bug wouldn't quite fit everything so he needed some extra room to hold the bath crayons, bunny rag, rubber ducky, and shark plate.  His bug held some fruit snacks, pretzels, and one piece of chocolate.

 At school, Andrew had a Valentine's Party including valentine's from his classmates, snacks, and heart crafts for mommy.  When I picked him up, I helped him deliver Hersey Roses to his teachers with a card.  He loved walking to each teacher and pushing the half dozen into their hands.  Each one got a hug and kiss.
When we arrived home, there was a special package from Grandma T.  Andrew wasted no time ripping into it.

 Inside the box was a police car (a fancy metal one with doors that open) like his SUV that he got for Christmas.  He was instantly into driving it all over the porch.
 Can you see that look of pure excitement?
We finished the night with a family date to Chipolte and an early bedtime!

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