Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mariah turns TWO!

 Last Saturday, Andrew and I went to Mariah's birthday party.  Mariah and Andrew are best friends from school.  I know I've mentioned her here a few times, but their friendship is adorable and so "true" that it needs it's own post.
 Mariah and Andrew are one month apart (she is clearly older than him), but started at The Growing Place about the same time in August 2011.  They have been together for the past year and a half at school and over that time it has become undeniable that they are best friend.  In the infant room, they used to crawl to each other and babble.  Mariah learned to say Andrew's name quickly and repeating it over and over again.  When they transferred into room two, Mariah went first and clearly missed Andrew.  Andrew would see her from across the parking lot and call to her and they'd hug through the metal fence.  When he finally was with her again, their teachers report many days of chasing each other around, hand holding, extra hugs, and general "friendship" activities.  When I come to pick him up, he says goodbye to each of his teachers with hugs and kisses and always looks for Mariah to extend it to her too.  It's pretty much the most adorable thing on the planet.
At her birthday party, they enjoyed playing together in the jumper.
 A few of the kids teachers came to the party as well.  Above is Andrew with Miss Fran.
 The bubble machine was a hit.

 Happy Birthday Mariah!
Mariah's parents (Tianna and Seth) totally get this friendship thing too!

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