Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Disneyland with the kids

On Monday, February 18 we went with the Class of 2014 to Disneyland to hear the Grad Night presentation for next year.  They provided free park-hoppers, parking, and lunch vouchers for us and Melissa came to play with Andrew while I was at the meeting.

 After the meeting, the kids and Melissa went on Tower of Terror while Andrew, Ivette, and I went to Bugs' Land and rode the Ladybugs.  We've gone of this every time we've gone to California Adventure, but this was the first time Andrew has literally laughed the entire ride.

 He fell asleep and slept through the next two hours, while we talked around and stood in line for an hour for Toy Story.  Andrew woke up at the perfect time to ride Toy Story!

 Sage, Jillian, and Becca quickly became Andrew's best friends as they played peek-a-boo and ticked him.

 Andrew didn't exactly tell us that he loved the ride, but he didn't cry and played his fair share of ride.  The glasses stayed on whole time too.  He signed for "more" when the ride was over, so I'm thinking it was a hit.
 We walked through Cars Land, but didn't ride any rides. 
Andrew was enamoured by Lighting McQueen and wanted to just stand there and watch him.
 After lunch we headed into Disneyland and watched the parade. 
 It was a hit.  He jumped up and down, danced to the music, and pointed at the characters as "mouse" (micky) and "duck" (donald duck) came along.  He loved the music and bright colors.

Pointing all over the place at all the coolness going on.
We walked around a while more in the craziness that was a VERY busy Disneyland day and headed home about 5.  Thankfully it was a holiday and traffic was very light.  We tried to tempt Andrew with chicken nuggets, but he wouldn't have anything to do with it and fell asleep before we got home at 6:30 and stayed asleep all night!

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