Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Andrew and his dog

They have a special relationship. 

Most of the time, Andrew doesn't know that she exists; however, I think we're getting closer to him "getting" who she is and actually touches her whenever she is close enough. On our trip to San Diego, he looked at her in the car for a while and actually smiled right at Reese.

Reese, knows Andrew exists and has actually become the guard dog.  She looks for the baby when he isn't with mommy by running in and out of rooms until he finds Andrew.  She stands nearby when he's crying and tries to calm him by licking his toes when he's in the car seat.  She even has decided that she likes the taste of his spit-up and "cleans up" for mommy (really disgusting, I know).

Who knows why he made this face, but I had to share...


  1. Aw, how adorable:). I am glad Reese is adjusting to sharing mommy and daddy.

  2. I love that they're becoming such good buddies!

  3. Reese and Andrew will hopefully be best buddies. She is so cute and looks to be adjusting pretty well.