Saturday, July 23, 2011

Baby Food Makin'

Three gala apples made 24 1 oz cubes
I'm cheap and baby purees are expensive, so I decided that it would be easy enough for me to make my own.  I ordered a cookbook online that divides up the recipes by months that they are recommended to be introduced.  I picked a few out of the 6-month chapter, made a shopping list, and went to the grocery store.  I spend $12.74 total.

None of the recipes are hard, nor did any of them take a huge amount of time. The apples were the 'hardest' only because it wasn't easy to peal the apples after they were mushy.  The sweet potatoes were probably the easiest.
Three large sweet potatoes made 48 1 oz servings

Thee large bananas made 12 1 oz servings
After they froze in the ice cub trays (with lids), I transferred them to a zip lock bag and into the deep freezer.  I really want a vacuum sealer, but they are expensive and I keep reminding myself the whole point of this is to save money.


  1. I was reading your post and googled vacuum sealers and found a pretty cheap one on amazon. It's over 50% off.

    Good Luck, although I don't have children yet, I do plan to make my own baby food.

  2. mmm im definitely going to want all your suggestions when I start doing this. Can you mix some of these together, or is that not suggested?