Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July

After driving to Bakersfield and back on Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated America's Independence in laid back, relaxing style.  Andrew was in a bad mood most of the day (I'm sure taking him out of his routine for our 600 miles in two days was a pretty big reason for that), but it didn't stop us from having fun at Scott and Rachel's house.  The Keys, Webster, Davis, and Pfeffer families had a good ol' fashion BBQ, sparklers, and fireworks.
 Of course, Andrew was dressed for the day.  His shirt reads "Where's my parade?"
 This is one of the only smiles we got for the day (at Aunt Melissa) on the way over to the Keys' house.

Tawni with Nathan 
Everything was a bit crazy with 8 kiddos under 4 (6 boys, 2 girls). 
 Dave created a little t-ball stand for the boys to play with.  Brendan, Sammy, Taylor and Jordan took turns hitting the ball.
 We posed for some pictures :)
 Everyone (carefully) played with sparklers.  Sammy was fascinated by them, Brendan decided they were scary after his third, and the girls wanted to do them over and over again!
 The big kids got in on the fun too.
After we finished our "fireworks" it was time for the Riverside show on the top of Mt. Rubidoux.  The Keys' backyard is a perfect viewing spot.  All the kids enjoyed the show (Andrew slept in his sling--see below) for the first 15 minutes.  Several fires broke out on the opposite side of the mountain, so they stopped the show to put them out.  Over an hour later, the show resumed and our side of the mountain caught fire.  The fire was, by far, the most exciting part of the night for the dads.
Our tired boy slept in his sling from 8-11 pm, then came home and slept in his crib from 11-7 am!  Thank goodness for a good sleeper!

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  1. Looks like fun! I miss the world where people actually dress in holiday colors. Jesse doesn't do it. His family doesn't do it. We went to a July 3rd party and there were maybe only a few people (including me) in red white and blue. I warned Jesse that when we have kids, he should expect to be asked to dress appropriately :)