Friday, July 29, 2011

Yearbook Camp

This week, Andrew, Dave and I headed to Indian Wells (close to Palm Springs) for Camp Yearbook 2011.  As with the past three years, I was the instructor for the Middle School classes and the Orange Color Group.  Last year, I had no students to bring with me which was a sad experience.  This year the fact that I didn't have a staff was sad, but I didn't have very much time to think about it because the baby was there.  He was a hit with the campers and camp staff.  Everyone was impressed with his happiness and ability to sleep through all the noise and activity going on around him.
 Cindi, Camp Organizer
 Daddy had Andrew when I was teaching and did a lot of camping out in the hotel room as Andrew napped.  My boys met me at meals between my teaching schedules.
Andrew was a big boy at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He flirted with the high school girls and played with the advisers.  The happy baby moved from friend to friend as he charmed his way through my camp friends.
Andrew's name tag (a la Cindi)

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