Friday, April 9, 2010

Kick Butt Graduate!

Yesterday was a beautiful evening to celebrate Dave's hard work! The warm 78 degree weather was perfect for our walk in downtown to the Riverside Municipal Auditorium.
We found a full row of seats towards the back, but right by the center isle
(where they walked in and out).
Kay, Mom, Dad, Desiree and I started the evening together and Melissa joined us when she got off from her first 12-hour shift at the hospital.
Dave in the entry processional
Little did we know, Dave was getting a "few" awards. First, he was given the Quarter Project Award for his 115 page capstone project (didn't go on stage this time). The second time his name was called (picture above), he went onto the stage to receive a Alpha Beta Kappa National Honors Society pin and acceptance certificate.
The third time, he was awarded the Valedictorian Award for the Bachelors of Science, Information Systems Security program (two pictures below).
This award came with fancy metalian and plaque.
The fourth time Dave climbed the stairs he was actually getting his
Bachelors of Science diploma (well, empty diploma folder)
Dave on the exit processional! Excited to be "grad-ma-cated" (his joke, not mine).
Although his main party is next Sunday (if you accidently didn't get an invitation and you want to come, feel free), we had a mini-party with cheesecake and a grad bobble-head!
The proud grad with all his awards and highest honors cords!
Dave and Mom laughing!
The proud wife!
The proud family

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